• Free AC Checks
    Did you know we perform Free AC Checks? Come in, get it done, and save. Everyone in your car will thank you.
  • What Does the Kwik Kar Signature Service Include?

    Kwik Kar’s Signature Service is designed to help your car set personal longevity records: It includes:

    • Oil change with up to 5 quarts of oil
    • Replace oil filter
    • Lubricate chassis if applicable
    • Check air filter
    • Check differential
    • Check power steering fluid
    • Check anti-freeze
    • Check transmission fluid
    • Check transfer case
    • Visual battery check
    • Check breather element if applicable
    • Check all belts
    • Check wiper blades
    • Check & fill washer fluid
    • Check A/C or cabin air filter
    • Check tire pressure
    • Check brake fluid level
    • Check air induction system
    • Vacuum front interior
  • When should I change my Oil?

    When should I change my Oil?

    • Kwik Kar recommends a full service oil and lube every 3,000 miles or 3 months because city driving in Texas is characterized as “SEVERE” in your owner’s manual.
  • Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

    Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

    • Oil is an essential lubricant in your engine.
    • It lets metal press against metal without damage.
    • Without oil, the metal-on-metal friction creates so much heat that eventually the surfaces weld themselves together and the engine seizes.
  • Why do you need an inspection?

    Why do you need an inspection?

    • A vehicle inspection is important for any and every car that is out on the road.
    • When you have your vehicle inspected, not only is it to ensure that you’re safe while driving around, but that everyone else is safe, as well.
    • The vehicle is tested in a few different areas to ensure that it is fully functional and able to be on the road.
    • If your vehicle fails, it will need to have the specific reason it failed fixed, and then you will have to have another inspection done on the vehicle.


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